“By putting Family First and Business Second, you have a better chance of building a 100 Year Legacy. The right balance has to be in place for every Family Business to drive Family Unity, Business Growth and Wealth Management.”  



Reg is part of a multi-generational family legacy dating back to 1919, and the G3-Head of its Single Family Office – TAO Legacy Holdings ( and TAO Legacy Foundation, based out of Dubai & Cayman Islands. He has built 15 startups to date, including RTS Global Partners, Family Business Academy, Fobillion Club, Chase Hamilton, Verchool Tech and Family Office Zone, and worked directly with 208 UHNW Family Offices over 22 years, generating $12b+ in Revenue Growth & Equity Value.

In addition, he is a Global Educator, Mentor & Author of 7 books, whose delivered over 2,000 live speeches, and global programs for HBS, YPO, EO & Vistage, and hundreds of other universities and membership organizations.

He is the Founder & CEO of Verchool Holdings (, a B2B Deep Tech start-up and ventures group, established in 2022 in Dubai and currently raising a $125m Series A round with VCs, PE Firms and Family Offices.

In his early years of life, Reg dropped out of University after 2 weeks and started his first company at the age 17, faced bankruptcy at 21, and then went on to build a $20m+ technology services firm by age 26.

He is passionate about research, entrepreneurship, technology, education, building legacies, sports and philanthropy, with a mission to support and educate the 160+ million abandoned and orphaned children in the world today.

The Athwal Family has pledged to give 50% of its total wealth in the future to fund sustainable projects that serve humanity via the TAO Legacy Trust and TAO Legacy Foundation.

+971502118117 (WhatsApp) (Speaker Enquiries) (LinkedIn) (Verchool) 


Unleash Your Legacy DNA​

Learn How Global Families Have Built 100+ Year Lasting Legacies, with Case Studies and a proven Governance Framework

Unleash Your Growth DNA

Learn How to Scale the Family Business with 4 Key Strategies Leading to Triple-Digit Growth, with Case Studies.

The Family Office 3.0​

Learn How to Build a Deep-Tech (VER+AI) Strategy as a Family Office or Family Business Conglomerate in 10 Steps.

Family Business Messenger

Based on his new book, learn from 24 Parables that can be customized as a Workshop for any Family Retreat or Forum.

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In this book, we have taken true family business events and real-life situation,s, witnessed over 21 years, however due to confidentiality, we have completely changed the names, locations, industries, cultures and generations. We’ve attempted to keep this book focused on the mild and wider issues that come up in family businesses and presented it all in a simple parable format with 24 stories. 


“Reg has interesting philosophies on creating large and successful businesses. He helped me figure out a couple of competencies that my family board was lacking. I would definitely recommend all entrepreneurs to give him a hearing and learn from his philosophies on family business.”
Hero Group
“His book is a valuable resource and guide for family members as founders or family firms already approaching the second or third generation. In a simple manner, it captures the principles adopted by many successful family firms. I hope you take time to read and study Reg’s book to unleash your family business DNA. Together we can all help many other families continue to build their legacies and give back to the world we all live in.”
MK, Chairman
Kanoo Group
“Reg has been instrumental in helping our family to build robust structures and unleashing the DNA of all our second and third generation members. His wisdom and expertise is well captured in his book – a must read for any founder, entrepreneur and member of a multi–generational family firm.”
DMS, Group Managing Director
Kingsway Group
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