In this book, Reg Athwal has taken true family business events and real-life situations, witnessed over 21 years, however due to confidentiality, we have completely changed the names, locations, industries, cultures and generations. We’ve attempted to keep this book focused on the mild and wider issues that come up in family businesses and presented it all in a simple parable format with 24 stories. This book is for all age groups.

“The Family Business Messenger” is a treasure trove of knowledge that resonates with every generation of family business owners. Through Reg Athwal’s engaging storytelling, you will discover different points of view, motivations, and desires that often lead to conflicts within multi-generational family enterprises. This book addresses complex issues with simplicity, offering intelligent and wise guidance for navigating these challenges.

Within the pages of “The Family Business Messenger,” you will find powerful lessons and insights for building stronger family business relationships. The book uses compelling stories and reflective questions to help you understand the roles and expectations of family members, resolve conflicts, and inspire alignment among generations.

Building a lasting legacy is at the heart of every successful family business. “The Family Business Messenger” emphasizes the importance of preserving family wealth, values, and traditions for future generations. It offers practical guidance on continuity planning, harmony, and creating a powerful family legacy that withstands the test of time

Unleash Your Family Business DNA

Global family business advisor and authority Reg Athwal delivers the ultimate how-to guide, drawing upon his extensive global expertise and international research. Athwal shares with you the basics relevant to all first-generation entrepreneurs who are thinking about their next generation, combined with insights for well-established family firms who need to understand the pitfalls and legacy blockages that prevent 97% of family businesses from lasting beyond the 4th generation.In this book, you’ll learn: About your “DNA Profile” and how it impacts other family members, professional teams and your overall business. About how to build family structures and create the right job roles aligned to multi-generational challenges and your succession planning needs, and how to build a family vision and values charter.

Order your copy today and discover the wisdom that will shape the future of your family business.

Join us as we navigate the challenges, preserve legacies, and create lasting success together.

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