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Welcome to the Media Zone for Reg Athwal. Since 2019, Reg has accelerated his passion for creating online content to impact millions of more family firms and family offices.

During the Covid Pandemic, the Family Business Academy (FBA) created a new club on the Clubhouse App, where Reg hosted 450 Live Sessions over 18 months with a community that has grown to 10,000 global members. The FBA also created the FBA Online Certification Program, and proud to have 52 families in business graduate from the program from 15 countries.

In addition, he created his own Podcast Channel on YouTube (Reg Athwal TV), that has recorded and distributed 158 video episodes. A selection of episodes are available below to watch. The Family Business Academy (FBA) and Reg Athwal TV have now merged into a new business entity and building an EdTech platform and we are no longer on YouTube with new content. The partnership with Verchool Holdings (a deep-tech VER+AI company) has resulted in the engineering and build of the Family Office Zone & Academy, a world’s first on a private metaverse. Future plans are to have live weekly sessions in a full VR conference room for members only in the Family Office Zone platform. To receive access email

New Media/TV Projects include pilots for Netflix/Amazon based on his 2022 published book “The Family Business Messenger” with 24 Parables, based on real-life stories from family businesses, in addition to a new project called “The Family Office – Secrets of the Super-Rich”.

Reg is available for Media, Live TV & Podcast appearances. Please write to for enquiries.

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