I heard Reg at our Global Leadership Conference and booked in a Private Family Forum. His content was refreshing for my family members. I was delighted with the way we slotted-in the diverse topics that we discussed with Reg, and he was able to convince us on his counter points and get many new thoughts going within our group about succession planning. His approach gave us a much-needed view from a long-term legacy perspective. Reg’s delivery style was quite interactive as no two families are alike. The biggest take home was to get to know our other family members’ DNA styles and to see that in every family there is potential to be a DREAM TEAM if everyone plays to their strengths. The same is valid for corporate teams as well.​


CEO, Eagle Group Enterprise

“His book is a valuable resource and guide for family members as founders or family firms already approaching the second or third generation. In a simple manner, it captures the principles adopted by many successful family firms. I hope you take time to read and study Reg’s book to unleash your family business DNA. Together we can all help many other families con-tinue to build their legacies and give back to the world we all live in.”


Chairman, Kanoo Group

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